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Leah Haddock
Darlaston,  Near Wednesbury, England
Joseph Haddock
  Elizabeth Pitchford
Samuel Whittingham
    Leah Haddock
Samuel G Whittingham
  Q3 1907 - West Bromwich Vol 6b Page 894
Recorded birth of a Samuel George Whittingham
Bernard V Whittingham
  Q3 1908 - West Bromwich Vol 6b Page 939
Recorded birth of a Bernard V.W. Whittingham
Fanny Whittingham
  Q3 1910 - West Bromwich Vol 6b Page 891
Recorded birth of a Fanny Whittingham
John (Jack) Whittingham
  Q3 1911 - West Bromwich Vol 6b Page 1738
Recorded birth of a John Whittingham
Joseph  Whittingham
15th February 1913
Recorded birth of Joseph Whittingham
Leah M Whittingham
  Q1 1915 - West Bromwich Vol 6b Page 1814 Recorded birth
Q1 1916 - West Bromwich Vol 6b Page 1207 Recorded death aged 1

Directly related to my Whittingham family ancestry

7 March 1883 - St Lawrence, Darlaston,  Near Wednesbury, Stafford (source)
Recorded Christening of Leah Haddock

3 June 1906 - Wednesbury
Record of marriage between Samuel Whittingham and Leah Haddock Witnesses: Alfred John Powell and Maria Finn Whittingham. The certificate shows that Samuel's address was 35 Foster Street and Leah was from 19 Holyhead Road. Sam's father was George Henry and was a bricklayer. Leah's father was Joseph Martin Haddock and was an iron worker.

Q1 1915
West Bromwich Vol 6b Page 1183
Leah Whittingham died during childbirth aged 31.

RG12 Piece 2245 Folio 45 Page 43 - 8 Factory Street, Darlaston
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
Joseph Haddock 1837 54 Head Married Wednesbury, Staffordshire Labourer
Elizabeth Haddock 1840 50 Wife Married Wednesbury, Staffordshire  
Sarah Haddock 1869 22 Daughter   Darlaston, Staffordshire  
Alice Haddock 1874 17 Daughter   Darlaston, Staffordshire  
Joseph Haddock 1876 15 Son   Darlaston, Staffordshire Labourer
Ann Haddock 1880 10 Daughter   Darlaston, Staffordshire  
Leah Haddock 1883 8 Daughter   Darlaston, Staffordshire  
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
Joseph Haddock 1836 63 Head Married Wednesbury, Staffordshire Lab. at brick yard
Elizabeth Haddock 1840 61 Wife Married Wednesbury, Staffordshire  
Leah Haddock 1883 18 Daughter   Darlaston, Staffordshire Bolt Screwer
Schedule 15 - 8 Drew Court, Lower High Street, Wednesbury
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
Samuel Whittingham 1882 29 Head Married Wednesbury, Staffordshire Bricklayer (Builder)
Leah Whittingham 1883 28 Wife Married Darlaston, Staffordshire  
Samuel Whittingham 1908 3 Son   Wednesbury, Staffordshire  
Bernard Whittingham 1909 2 Son   Wednesbury, Staffordshire  
Fanny Whittingham 1910 10mth Daughter   Wednesbury, Staffordshire