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Agnes Smart
  West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England
Josiah Smart
Caroline Emily Jones
James Busby
    Agnes Smart
Kenneth M Busby
  Q1 1918 King Norton, Warwickshire Vol 6d Page 162
Recorded birth of Kenneth M Busby
Margaret Busby
  Q1 1923 King Norton, Warwickshire Vol 6d Page 265
Recorded birth of Margaret Busby
Directly related to my Whittingham family ancestry

6 March 1894 Smethwick
Date of birth submitted by descendant of this line.

Q2 1894 - West Bromwich Vol 6b Page 802
Recorded birth of Agnes Smart

29 January 1916 St Michael's, Oldbury (Kings N. Vol 6d Page 141)
Recorded marriage between Agnes Smart and James Busby

Agnes was born at 4 The Avenue, Handsworth, but lived most of her life in Smethwick (except for the period 1916 to 1923, when she lived in Moilliett St, as did her sister-in-law Phillis). After her husband James died in 1925, she brought up her three children on her own (although her sister Amy and brother-in-law Jack helped by looking after the children whilst Agnes was at work). From 1923, she lived in the same house until the end of her life (from 1945) with her daughter Evelyn and son-in-law Frank).

Agnes's early working career was at Baxters, the Parade, Birmingham (national phone central 2036): a company that stocked and sold nuts, bolts and screws. It is clear that Baxters was a family company, supportive of its employees. There was an annual outing to the Baxters' home in Worcestershire. It also participated in the Girls Friendly Society scheme, and Agnes was in this scheme for 3 years until she got married (the GFS was only for single women at that time).

Agnes ran the 'treble twenties' club (for those over 60) at St Marks church and was a local community warden for Greenfield Rd, into her 80s. In connection with this, she was interviewed about this by ABC television (it is believed the programme was broadcast on 17th October 1965).

After she retired (from the MEB) at the age of 65, Agnes visited Canada to see her sister Carrie (Caroline) and nephew (Joe Bradbury). She died in Dudley Road Hospital in January 1986.

January 1986 Birmingham Warwickshire Vol 32 Page 1533
Recorded death of Agnes Busby (nee Smart) aged 91

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73 Mornington Road, Smethwick, Sandwell - RG13-2822 Folio 63 Page 16
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
Josiah Smart 1856 45 Head Married Smethwick, Staffs Blacksmiths Striker
Caroline Smart 1856 45 Wife Married Smethwick, Staffs  
Ephriam Smart 1878 23 Son   Smethwick, Staffs Copper Tube Drawer
Amy Smart 1885 16 Daughter   Smethwick, Staffs Ragwoman or Charwoman ?
Caroline Smart 1890 11 Daughter   Smethwick, Staffs  
Herbert Smart 1892 9 Son   Smethwick, Staffs  
Agnes Smart 1895 6 Daughter   Smethwick, Staffs  
George Smart 1897 4 Son   Smethwick, Staffs  
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82 Pool Road, Smethwick, Sandwell
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
Josiah Smart 1857 54 Head Married Langley Green Blacksmiths Striker
Caroline Emily Smart 1857 54 Wife Married Cheltenham, Gloucestershire  
Agnes Smart 1894 17 Daughter   Handsworth, Staffordshire Shop Assistant
George Alfred Smart 1897 14 Son   Smethwick, Staffordshire Wood machinist
John Bradbury 1891 20 Son in Law Married West Bromwich Tube Drawer
Caroline Emily Bradbury 1890 21 Daughter Married Smethwick, Staffordshire  
John Josiah Bradbury 1909 2 Grandson   Oldbury, Worcestershire  
Agnes Caroline Bradbury 1911 4mth Granddaughter   Smethwick, Staffordshire  
Josiah and Caroline have been married 32 years and Caroline and John have been married for 2 years