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Albert W Whittingham
Kingswinford, Staffordshire, England
John Whittingham
Ann Wright
Alice Russell
    Albert W Whittingham
This person is tagged haplogroup J2b Directly related to my Whittingham family ancestry

Q4 1879 Stourbridge Vol 18 Page 210
Recorded birth of Albert William Whittingham

Q1 1907 West Bromwich, Staffordshire Vol 6b Page 1214
Recorded marriage between an Albert W Whittingham and Alice Russell

Information on Alice Russell (wife)

1901 Census (RG13 Piece 2668 Folio 43 Page 12)
Alice is living as a servant in the home of Walter and Sarah Toscall in Codsall, Wolverhampton, Stafforshire

1891 Census (RG12 Piece 2248 Folio 66 Page 21)
Alice is living with her parents John & Eliza in Bloxwich, Walsall, Stafforshire. She has a brother Leonard 5 years younger.

The Forge, Kingswinford, Staffordshire - RG11 Piece 2892 Folio 23 Page 2
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
John Junr. Whittingham 1850 31 Head Married Kingswinford Axle Forgeman
Ann Whittingham 1852 29 Wife Married Kingswinford  
Fanny Whittingham 1876 5     Kingswinford  
Albert Whittingham 1880 1     Kingswinford  
Q2 1887 Stourbridge Vol 6c Page 85 - Recorded death of a John Whittingham aged 38
Brook Street, Kingswinford, Staffordshire - RG12 Piece 2306 Folio 156 Page 12
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
Thomas Pope 1827 64 Head Married Ruiton, Staffordshire General Labourer
Mary A Pope 1840 51 Wife Married Brookmoor, Staffordshire  
Alfred Pope 1871 20 Son   Wall Heath, Staffordshire Steam Hammer Driver
William Pope 1877 14 Son   Wall Heath, Staffordshire General Labourer
Arthur Pope 1879 12 Son   Wall Heath, Staffordshire Scholar
Harriet Pope 1869 22 Daughter   Wall Heath, Staffordshire  
Albert W Whittingham 1880 11 Grandson   Wall Heath, Staffordshire Scholar
Ernest Whittingham 1883 8 Grandson   Stourbridge, Worcestershire Scholar
John H Whittingham 1886 5 Grandson   Stourbridge, Worcestershire Scholar
Oliva Whittingham 1885 6 Granddaughter   Stourbridge, Worcestershire Scholar
A George and Eliza Whittingham live in the same street 2 doors away
76 Wellesey Road, Oldbury, West Bromwich
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
Albert William Whittingham 1880 31 Head Married Kingswinford, Staffordshire Railway Co. Shunters
Alice Whittingham 1881 30 Wife Married Walsall, Staffordshire  
Thomas Harris 1888 23 Boarder   Stretton on Fosse, Warwickshire Railway Co. Shunters
Alfred John Powell 1892 19 Boarder   Solihull, Warwickshire Railway Co. Porter
The census states that Albert and Alice have been married 4 years which confirms entry in the notes (above) of 1907