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Benjamin Whittingham
  Motherwell, lanarkshire,Scotland
James Whittingham
Elizabeth Bennett
Mary Jane Morgan
    Benjamin Whittingham
Benjamin Whittingham    

This person is tagged haplogroup J2b Directly related to my Whittingham family ancestry

01 September 1916 France
Benjamin was killed in action (See bottom of page)

Enlistment Location: Motherwell, Lanarkshire
Rank: Lance Sergeant
Regiment: Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
Battalion: 6th Battalion
Number: S/18737

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110 Milton St, Dalziel, Lanarkshire, Scotland - Dalziel ED 7 Page 12 Roll CSSCT1891_235
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
James Whittingham 1856 35 Head Married England Iron Puddler
Elizabeth Whittingham 1861 30 Wife Married Glasgow, Lanarkshire  
William Whittingham 1880 11 Son   Dalziel Par, Lanarkshire Scholar
Elizabeth Whittingham 1883 8 Daughter   Dalziel Par, Lanarkshire Scholar
Benjamin Whittingham 1886 5 Son   Dalziel Par, Lanarkshire  
Maria Whittingham 1888 3 Daughter   Dalziel Par, Lanarkshire  
Martha Whittingham 1889 2 Daughter   Dalziel Par, Lanarkshire  
Daniel Bennett 1868 23 Boarder   Dalziel Par, Lanarkshire Railway Guard
Emma Bennett 1878 13 Boarder   Dalziel Par, Lanarkshire  
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12 Duke St, Dalziel, Lanarkshire, Scotland - Dalziel ED 11 Page 16 Roll CSSCT1901_259
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
James Whittingham 1855 46 Head Married England Iron Works Puddler
Elizabeth Whittingham 1861 40 Wife Married Glasgow, Lanarkshire  
Willie Whittingham 1880 21 Son   Motherwell, Lanarkshire  
Ben Whittingham 1885 16 Son   Motherwell, Lanarkshire Iron Works Labourer
Marion Whittingham 1888 13 Daughter   Motherwell, Lanarkshire  
Martha Whittingham 1890 11 Daughter   Motherwell, Lanarkshire Scholar
Clara Whittingham 1893 8 Daughter   Motherwell, Lanarkshire Scholar
James Whittingham 1895 6 Son   Motherwell, Lanarkshire Scholar
Dan Whittingham 1898 3 Son   Motherwell, Lanarkshire  
Willie Britton 1853 48 Boarder   England Iron Works Labourer
Willie Britton 1884 17 Boarder   England Iron Works Labourer
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Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
In Memory of

S/18737, "A" Coy. 6th Bn., Cameron Highlanders who died age 31 on 01 September 1916

British War MedalVictory Medal

Son of James and Elizabeth Whittingham, of 66, Duke St., Motherwell.
Husband of Jane McIlroy (formerly Whittingham), of 66, Milton St., Motherwell.

Remembered with honour


Commemorated in perpetuity by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission