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Elizabeth Whittingham
  Motherwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Robert Whittingham
Eliza Jane Price
James Mclellan
    Elizabeth Whittingham
Alexander Mclellan
  1912  Lanark, Scotland 648/00 0084
Recorded birth of Alexander Mclellan
Graham Mclellan
  1912  Lanark, Scotland 648/00 0058
Recorded birth of Graham Mclellan
Unknown     Elizabeth Whittingham
Robert Whittingham
  1919 Dalziel, Lanark, Scotland 639/00 0737
Recorded birth of Robert Whittingham
Directly related to my Whittingham family ancestry

2nd September 1910 Dalziel, Lanark, Scotland Gross: 639/00 0217
Recorded marriage between Elizabeth Whittingham aged 17 and James Mclellan aged 20
James came from 69 Logans Rows, Motherwell and his parents were Andrew (coalminer) & Mary (formally Muircroft) Elizabeth came from 107 Milton Street, Motherwell and her parents were Robert Whittingham (Steel Worker) and Eliza Jane (formally M.S Price) Witnessed by John Robertson & Mary Mclellan

Children of James Mclellan
I have listed 2 births in the name of Mclellan as these were the only two records that came up during a search of births between 1910 and 1919 in Lanark, Scotland. As the mother's details are excluded from the listings I cannot confirm these are correct.

107 Milton St, Dalziel, Lanarkshire, Scotland - ED 11 Page 30 Roll: CSSCT1901_259
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
Robert Whittingham 1859 42 Head Married England Ironworks Puddler
Eliza Jane Whittingham 1863 38 Wife Married Motherwell, Lanarkshire  
William Whittingham 1884 17 Son   Motherwell, Lanarkshire Blacksmith Labourer Or Striker
Eliza Jane Whittingham 1887 14 Daughter   Motherwell, Lanarkshire  
Elizabeth Whittingham 1894 7 Daughter   Motherwell, Lanarkshire Scholar
George Whittingham 1897 4 Son   Motherwell, Lanarkshire  
Martha Whittingham 1899 2 Daughter   Motherwell, Lanarkshire  
John Bough 1853 48 Boarder   England Iron Works Puddler
George Bough 1855 46 Boarder   England Iron Works Puddler
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession