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Adelaide Whittingham
  Birmingham, Warwickshire
Horace Whittingham
  Adelaide Burt
Sydney G Revitt
    Adelaide Whittingham
Sydney R Revitt

Q2 1903 Birmingham, Warwickshire Vol 6d Page 161
Recorded birth of Adelaide Whittingham

143 West Bourne Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, Staffs -  Piece 17234
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
Horace Whittingham 1854 57 Head Married Birmingham, Warwickshire Commissioner
Adelaide Whittingham 1865 46 Wife Married Woolwich, Kent  
George Whittingham 1890 21 Son   Hereford Soldier
Arthur Whittingham 1898 13 Son   Birmingham, Warwickshire School
James Whittingham 1901 10 Son   Birmingham, Warwickshire School
Adelaide Whittingham 1903 8 Daughter   Birmingham, Warwickshire School
The census also has the names of all of the children however Horace, Thomas and Emma have been crossed out.
It also states that Horace and Adelaide have been married for 25 years and they have one child that died.