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Alfred E Whittingham
  Birkenhead, Cheshire
Isaac Whittingham
  Mary Jane Crowder
Sarah Ellen Brassey
    Alfred E Whittingham
Elsie Whittingham
  Q3 1898 Birkenhead Vol 8a Page 517
Recorded birth of Elsie Whittingham
Wilfred George Whittingham
  Q1 1900 Birkenhead Vol 8a Page 459
Recorded birth of Wilfred George Whittingham
Frederick Whittingham
  Q2 1913 Birkenhead Vol 8a Page 931
Recorded birth of Frederick Whittingham
Edward Whittingham
  Q1 1916 Birkenhead Vol 8a Page 759
Recorded birth of Edward Whittingham
Q4 1875 Birkenhead, Cheshire Vol 8a Page 512
Recorded birth (National Records Office) of Alfred Ernest Whittingham

Q4 1897 Birkenhead Vol 8a Page 777
Recorded marriage between Alfred Ernest Whittingham and Sarah Ellen Brassey

There may be other children between 1900 and 1913
There are 12 names are born and recorded in Birkenhead during this time
Mothers maiden name was not provided until 1911 so I cannot confirm parentage at this point.

1943 (source)
Recorded death of Alfred Ernest Whittingham

Parrs Lane, Tranmere, Birkenhead - RG11 Piece 3588 Folio 41 Page 27
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
Isaac Whittingham 1832 49 Head Widow Nantwich, Cheshire House Joiner
Charlotte Whittingham 1868 13 Daughter   Oxton, Cheshire  
Thomas Whittingham 1869 12 Son   Oxton, Cheshire  
Alfred Ernest Whittingham 1876 5 Son   Oxton, Cheshire  
Wilfred L Whittingham 1879 2 Son   Oxton, Cheshire  
Ann Smith 1863 18 Servant   Oxton, Cheshire General Servant
Wilfred's middle name is stated as Lawson
128 Whitford Road, Tranmere, Birkenhead - RG12 Piece 2890 Folio 7 Page 7
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
Isaac Whittingham 1831 60 Head Married Acton, Cheshire Joiner
Letitia Whittingham 1846 45 Wife Married Birkenhead, Cheshire  
Alfred E Whittingham 1876 15 Son   Woodchurch, Cheshire Bakers Assistant
31a Albion Street, Birkenhead, Cheshire - RG13 Piece 3388 Folio 74 Pages 33 & 34
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
Alfred Whittingham 1876 25 Head Married Birkenhead, Cheshire Porter or Printer??
Sarah Whittingham 1875 26 Wife Married Birkenhead, Cheshire  
Elsie Whittingham 1899 2 Daughter   Birkenhead, Cheshire  
Wilfred Whittingham 1900 3mth Son   Birkenhead, Cheshire  
Charles Brassey 1878 23 Boarder Married Birkenhead, Cheshire Plasterer
Jessie Pritchard (fem) 1880 21 Visitor Single Moreton, Cheshire  
1 Belgrave Terrace, Birkenhead, Cheshire - Piece 21964
Name DOB Age Relationship Status Birth Place Profession
Alfred Earnest Whittingham 1876 35 Head Married Oxton, Cheshire Slide Porter
Sarah Ellen Whittingham 1875 36 Wife Married Birkenhead, Cheshire  
Elsie Whittingham 1899 12 Daughter   Birkenhead, Cheshire  
Wilfred George Whittingham 1901 10 Son   Birkenhead, Cheshire  
Alfred Isaac Whittingham 1904 7 Son   Birkenhead, Cheshire  
William Whittingham 1907 4 Son   Birkenhead, Cheshire  
Robert Charles Whittingham 1909 2 Son   Birkenhead, Cheshire  
Jessie Whittingham 1911 1mth Son   Birkenhead, Cheshire