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"The Old Bricklayer"
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Welcome to Whittingham Family Ancestry

My name is Jared Whittingham and I have been researching our family name for over seven years. I have traced my own personal line back 11 generations to Thomas Whittingham from Lilleshall in Shropshire, England. During the process I have detailed many other families and helped research for many Whittingham families from all over the world.

This site is a collection of records and family trees of all those I have come across. Feel free to browse the pages within and contact me should you have any further information you would like included or corrections to the records.

Over 300 Individual families archived!

I have compiled many family trees and divided them into areas of birth and also in date format. You can access the lists of names by clicking on the appropriate section in the menu.

I am adding to the database from time to time so please contact me if you have any information or photos that you would like included in the next update.

Tony Robinson's guide to Victorian Britain

My DNA ancestors

My DNA ancestors ~ The Cultivators

I have recently completed the DNA test from DNA Ancestry and have discovered that I belong to the Cultivators, haplogroup J, who are about 20,000 years old. My ancient ancestors most likely lived in the southern and northern parts of the Fertile Crescent, where you'll find present day Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iraq.

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